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IO 5003-0.3 Koper pendulum

Pendulums are designed for testing samples of metals and alloys for double-support bending (Charpy method), according to GOST 9454.

Installed on the foundation.

Completeness of the main delivery:

  • test facility (for model IO 5003-0,3-10);
  • software and hardware complex PTK (for model IO 5003-0,3-11)
  • operator panel (microprocessor), printer (for model IO 5003-0,3-12);

Optional delivery: compressor, cryochamber KKM-1M.

Raising the pendulum to the upper position (fixing the predetermined angle of the pendulum charging) and dumping it is carried out automatically using pneumatic devices. The test result (the amount of energy spent on the destruction of the sample) is recorded on an analogue scale (for all copra models).

In the model IO 5003-0.3-11, the test results are displayed on the display of the computer that is part of the PTK. PTK is designed to work with hammers of any energy and angle of discharge. Test results are statistically processed and printed on a laser printer in the form of test reports. Test results files are saved. Additionally, it is possible to use the PTK to check the copra.

In the model ИО 5003-0.3-12, the test result is recorded on the digital display unit of the operator panel. Impact strength is automatically calculated. The results of a series of tests (up to 16 tests) are processed and printed on a printer in the form of a test report.

Type Approval Certificate SI ROSSTANDARD OF RUSSIA No. 44544.

The largest supply of potential energy, J 300
Permissible deviation of the reserve of potential energy of pendulums from the nominal value,% ±0,5
Loss of energy during the free swing of the pendulum for half the full oscillation,% ±0,5
The speed of the pendulum at the moment of impact, m/s 5±0,5
Pendulum potential energy reserve Energy measurement range, J The division value of the analog reading device, J Digital readout resolution, J (for model 11) Limits of permissible absolute error for an analog reading device, J Limits of permissible absolute error for a digital device, J
150 15...120 0,5 0,1 ±1,5 ±1,5
300 30...240 1,0 0,1 ±3,0 ±3,0
Maximum power (without compressor), kW 0,38
Power supply:
     from an alternating three-phase current network 380V/220V; 50Hz
     from a network of compressed air with pressure, MPa 0,35 – 1,0
Overall dimensions of the test installation with fences, mm 2100x800x1620
Weight (no more than), kg
     test facility 750
     PTK / operator console/ 20 /3,5/