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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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IH 5092

Machine for testing wire with a diameter of 1 to 7 mm for twisting in accordance with GOST 1545

It is installed on a special table.

The following types of tests are provided:
- twisting to failure,
- twisting to a given number of twists,
- twisting followed by unwinding until fracture,
- twisting followed by unwinding to a predetermined number of revolutions.

The range of diameters clamped in the capture of samples, mm from 1 to 7
Distance between captures adjustable in the range, mm from 50 to 500
Capture rotation frequency, rpm 30 - 3; 60 - 6
Number of bits of the counter speed capture 6
Nominal value of the unit of the least discharge counter of the number of capture revolutions 1 turnover
Capture speed ​​task range from 1 to 999 turnovers
Limits of permissible error of the task of the number of capture revolutions, no more than ±1 turnover
The range of the task of the tension of the sample, N from 10 to 600
Discreteness of the task of efforts of tension of a sample, N 5
Limits of permissible error of application of the efforts of the tension of the sample:
    in the range from 10 to 100 N, not more than, N ±5
    in the range from 100 to 200 N, not more than, N ±8
    in the range of more than 200 N, not more than, N ±24
Longitudinal movement of the carriage with a grip from the starting position, not less than
    towards the shortening of the sample, mm 50
    towards the elongation of the sample, mm 30
Maximum power, kW (power) 0,6 (3N, 380V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), no more than, mm 1700х520х860
Weight, no more than, kg 280