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TB 5056-02

Brinell method for measuring the hardness of large parts

Designed to measure the hardness of large-sized products according to the Brinell method, to control and sort out similar parts into hardness groups.
The drive table provides a preload of the test product during measurement.
The process of printing on the device is fully automated. The test results are recorded on the display in Brinell hardness units.

The TB5056 hardness tester automatic hardness measuring system measures hardness by measuring the depth of the restored print.
The system includes:
- photoelectric converter,
- microprocessor communication board,
- personal computer (laptop).

The software allows the operator the following:
- automatic adjustment of the measurement system according to exemplary hardness measures or the actual hardness of the test material;
- data entry that determines the test mode: numerical value of the test load, ball diameter, number of tests in a series (up to 50), values ​​of the upper and lower hardness limits;
- report on sorting into hardness groups (less, norm, more);
- calculation and indication of average values ​​of hardness in a series of tests and discrepancy of indications in percent;
- output to the printer of the unit test protocol and the test series protocol with an average hardness value;
- output to a computer.

It is possible to integrate the device into production lines.

Type approval certificate of SI ROSSTANDARD of RUSSIA No. 44527.

Hardness measurement range:
- when using a steel ball, HB from 8 to 450
Test loads, N 2452; 4903; 7355; 9807; 14710; 29420
Limits of permissible error of test loads, % ±1
The exposure time of the test products under load, s from 2 to 200
Duration of one test cycle with holding under load 2s, no more, s 25
The distance from the top of the test tip to the table is adjustable, mm from 0 to 850
The distance from the axis of the test tip to the protective casing on the lead screw, limiting the size of the test product, mm, not less 395
Table stroke, mm, not less 160
Vertical stroke of the test head, mm, not less 700
Maximum power, kW (power) 1,4 (3N, 380V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions, mm:
      test facility 1260x950x2220
      control cabinet 550x750x850
Weight, kg
      test facility 1500
      control cabinet 80