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TR 5018M-01 Tochline

Rockwell hardness tester

The Rockwell hardness gage TP 5018M-01 is designed to measure the hardness of metals and alloys according to the Rockwell method in accordance with GOST 9013-59.

The TP 5018M-01 hardness gage is a stationary measuring instrument, consisting of a load application system and a measuring unit.
The principle of operation of the hardness tester is based on the static indentation of a diamond or ball tip into a sample with subsequent measurement of the penetration depth of the tip.
The hardness meter has a dial gauge for displaying Rockwell hardness.
The device is equipped with an automatic load application system with electronic adjustment and exposure time display.
When measured by the Rockwell method, the instrument load application system provides 588.4 load application; 980.7; 1471 N.
Measurements take place automatically.
The design of the hardness tester is reliably protected from unauthorized access, adjustment of factory settings.

Rockwell hardness measurement ranges:
scale А, HRA
from 20 to 88
scale В, HRB
from 20 to 100
scale С, HRC
from 20 to 70
Test loads, N (kgf):
98,1 (10)
588,4; 980,7; 1471
(60; 100; 150)
Limits of permissible absolute error of hardness measurement:
from 20 to 70 HRA
from 70 to 93 HRA
from 25 to 100 HRB
from 20 to 35 HRC
from 35 to 55 HRC
from 55 to 70 HRC
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm, not more than 525x240x760
Weight, kg, not more than 60