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TIR 2033A Tochline

Shore A rubber hardness tester

Hardness tester
TIR 2033A according to Shore A is a simple portable hardness tester with which Shore A hardness can be determined for products made of rubber or plastic.

Allows measurements of rubber according to GOST 263-75, plastics and hard rubber
according to GOST 24621-91 (ISO 868: 2003, ISO 7619,
DIN 53505 and ASTM D 2240) by measuring the resistance of the sample when immersed in it an indenter with a diameter of 0.79 mm from hardened steel.

Scope: rubber, elastomers, vinyl, leather, PVC, silicone, Teflon, rubber, resins, ebonite, etc.
The device TIR 2033A according to Shore A is a device with a digital reporting system. Allows accurate measurements with a resolution of 0.5 units. hardness. The measured value is fixed by pressing the button.
By an additional order, a complete set is provided along with a desktop device for mounting the device, which allows you to create a clamping force of 1 kgf.

The range of measurement of hardness on a scale of Shore A, units of hardness: 0 - 100
Test loads, N: from 0.55 to 8.06
Readability, units hardness: 0,5
Limits of permissible error, units hardness: ±1
The maximum departure of the indenter from the supporting surface of the device at a zero reading, mm: 2,54
The area of ​​the reference platform of the device, not less than, mm²: 250
Overall dimensions (length x width x depth), mm, no more than: 110x60x18
Weight, kg, no more than: 0,3