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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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Since June 2016 our factory has extended a warranty period for its products
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Universal testing machines TRM

Universal electromechanical two-column test two-zone machines of the TPM Tochline series.

Designed for static testing of images of various materials in tension, compression, bending, shear, adhesion, etc.

Features of the line of single-column universal electromechanical testing machines ТРМ Tochline:
• Ergonomic control panel;
• The machine and tests are controlled through a program from a PC or laptop;
• Registered trademark, counterfeit protection;
• Traverse positioning accuracy;
• Smooth running of grips and fixtures;

Standard equipment includes:
• Highly accurate synchronous motion control system & ndash; 1 set.
• High precision ball screw - 1 pcs.
• Precision measuring system - 1set.
• High precision photoelectric encoder - 1pc.
• Digital speed control and control system - 1 set.
• High precision load sensor - 1pc.
• Software - 1 set.
• Universal wedge grips - 1 set.
• Notched sponges - 2 sets.
• Compression test plates - 1 set.
• PC or laptop - 1 set.

Options may be changed at the request of the customer.

Universal testing machine models
The greatest ultimate load, kN 10 20 50 100 150200300500
Measurement error of the load from the measured value,%± 1 (± 0,5)% on the range 2-100% (0,2-100%) from face value
The minimum price of division of the meterLoading: 0,01N;
Deformation: 0.05mm
Accuracy when measuring the movement of the traverse, no more ±1%
Traverse speed, mm / min0,05-5000,05-250
Width of working space, mm 350400550550600650
Traverse stroke, mm1100120010501500
The maximum distance between the grips in the tensile zone, mm700560720
The maximum distance between the plates in the compression zone, mm10001150
Overall dimensions of the car (LxWxH), mm700х450х1800750х510х19001000х650х22001400х800х2800
Weight, kg, no more21032045050015003400
Power consumption kW, no more1,21,535
Power supply, Hz220V, 50 Hz 380 V, 50 HZ 1,5