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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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TB 5004, TB 5004-03

Semi-automatic devices for measuring the hardness of metals according to the Brinell method

Devices are designed to measure the hardness of metals in two modes:

  1. According to the Brinell method in accordance with
    GOST 9012. Measurement of the diameter of the print using a microscope MPB-3.
  2. The depth of the restored print with the ability to sort products into hardness groups. It is carried out using the built-in arrow indicator with pointers ( TB 5004 ) or an electric sensor with a personal computer (laptop) and a program for mathematical processing of results
    (for TB 5004-03).
  3. Dismantling is possible using one of two measuring bases: the surface of the table of the device or the surface of the part (using a special emphasis, supplied by special order).

    Devices — stationary, desktop.

    The drive is electromechanical, the measurement cycle is automatic.

    Type approval certificate of SI ROSSTANDARD of RUSSIA No. 44527.

Hardness measurement range:
  using a microscope steel ball tips from 4 to 450 HB
carbide balls (special order) from 4 to 650 HBW
  when using a personal computer (laptop) steel ball tips from 16 to 450 HB
carbide balls (special order) from 95 to 650 HBW
The error in measuring hardness according to measures of the 2nd category, %
      (100 ± 25) HB ± 3
      (200 ± 50) HB ± 3
      (400 ± 50) HB ± 3
Test loads, kN 1,839; 2,452; 4,903; 7,355; 9,807; 14,71; 29,42
      additional suspension (special order) 0,9807; 1,226
The limit of permissible relative error of test loads, % ±1
The margin of error for the duration of exposure of the sample under load from 5 to 300 seconds ±3 s
The distance from the axis of the tip to the body, mm 120
The maximum distance from the tip to the table, mm 250
Maximum power, kW (power) TB 5004 0,18 (3N,380V,50Hz)
TB 5004-0,3 0,24 (3N,380V,50Hz)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm TB 5004 840х375х920
TB 5004-0,3 (electronic unit) 800х330х950 (235х185х120)
Weight, kg TB 5004 205
TB 5004-0,3 (personal computer - laptop) 200 (2)