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TB 5015 Tochline

Brinell hardness tester

The stationary Brinell hardness tester TB 5015 is designed to measure the hardness of metals and alloys according to the Brinell method in accordance with GOST 9012-59.

The principle of operation of the device consists in pressing an indenter - a steel ball of standard diameter into the sample (product) under the action of a load applied perpendicular to the surface of the sample for a certain time, and measuring the diameter of the fingerprint after removing the load using a portable microscope or measuring the depth of introduction of the restored fingerprint and transferring it Brinell hardness units.

The TP 5015 hardness gage is equipped with the following nodes:
- loading system,
- lifting screw,
- drive unit,
- counting device.
All the main components of the device are mounted in the housing. The loading system is equipped with a load suspension designed to reproduce test loads. The device’s lifting screw serves to supply the test piece to the tip, as well as to divert it after the end of the test and application of the preload. The device is equipped with an electromechanical drive designed to apply and remove the main loads at a given speed.

Hardness measuring range, НB, not worse:
from 8 to 450
Test loads, N, not less than:
1839; 2452; 7356; 9807; 29420
Limits of permissible error of test loads, %, not more than: ± 1
Hardness measurement tolerance limits, %, not more than: ± 3
Counting device portable microscope indicator
The distance from the top of the test tip to the working surface of the table, mm, not less 240
Distance from the axis of the test tip to the body wall, mm, not less 120
The duration of exposure of the test sample under load is adjustable, sec from 2 to 200
AC power: 220V; 50Hz
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm, not more than 700x268x842
Weight, kg, not more than 210