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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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Since June 2016 our factory has extended a warranty period for its products
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ZKSh Captures are wedge

Wedge grips with ball guides and an eccentric drive are designed to fix flat and cylindrical specimens during tensile testing.

Materials for tests: metals, plastics, other materials within the technical capabilities of captures.

Sample types: flat, cylindrical, wire, tape, as well as rods of round, hexagonal and square sections.

The grippers are equipped with a set of clamping jaws, depending on the mechanical properties of the tested materials and the type of samples. Grips adapted to machine design
 IR 5040-5IR 5047-50, IR 5113-100,
  IR 5143-200 и IR 5145-500, and can also be delivered to previously produced models R-5, 2054 R-5, IR 5057-50.
Distinctive features of captures are:
- wide range of test samples;
- reliable fastening of samples with a high degree of hardness;
- convenience and speed when fixing samples.

To do this, the grippers are equipped with clamping jaws with removable liners made of materials with high hardness and self-aligning jaws, ball guides for the movement of the clamping jaws and an eccentric drive to move the gripper housing when fixing the samples. Grips are supplied complete (upper and lower).

The gripper design is protected by patent No. 2187793.

  Capture models
ZKSh-5S ZKSh-30K ZKSh-50K ZKSh-80K ZKSh-100K
Maximum test load, kN 5 30 50 80 100
Thickness of flat samples (GOST 1497, GOST 11701), mm 0,2..3,0 0,2..8,0 0,2..8,0 0,2..9,0 0,5..9,0
Diameters of cylindrical samples and bars of a hexagonal full profile, mm 4,0..12,0 4,0..12,0 4,0..15,0 4,0..15,0
The maximum diameter of the sample head (type 6 and 7 GOST 1497), mm 15 15 15 15
Diameter of test wire, mm 0,5..4,0 0,8..8,0 0,8..8,0 1,0..8,0 2,0..8,0
Overall dimensions of one grip (diameter (without handle) x height), mm 122x142 126x250 140x250 160x270 175x270
Mass of a set of captures, no more, kg 16 25 30 40 42