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TR 5014-01М

Rockwell Hardness Tester

The device is designed to measure hardness according to the Rockwell method of metals and alloys according to GOST 9013, plastics, graphites and electrographites, plywood, pressed wood and other materials. The device allows measuring hardness in accordance with ISO 2039 / 2-87, DIN 50103.

The device has an electromechanical drive application and removal of the main load.

Change of loads is done by turning the handle. There is a highlight of the test site.

The TR 5014-01M device additionally has an automatic application of the main load and mathematical processing and sorting of measurement results. The device provides an indication of the readings in Rockwell hardness units on a digital display.

Type approval certificate of SI ROSSTANDARD of RUSSIA No. 44528.

Hardness measurement range:
scale А, HRA
from 20 to 88
scale В, HRB
from 20 to 100
scale С, HRC
from 20 to 70
Test loads, N (kgf)
98,07 (10)
588,4; 980,7; 1471
(60; 100; 150)
Limits of permissible error of test loads, %
Limits of the permissible error of the device when checking it with exemplary measures of hardness MTR of the 2nd category, unit of hardness:
on a scale A measure of hardness (83±3) HRA
scale B measure hardness (90±10) HRВ
scale C measure hardness (25±5) HRС
hardness measure (45±5) HRС
hardness measure (65±5) HRС
The exposure time of the sample under the action of the total load from 1 to 99 с
The distance from the top of the test tip to the working surface of the table is variable, mm from 0 to 200
The distance from the axis of the test tip to the wall of the case, limiting the size of the test product, not less than, mm 152
Maximum power, W (power) 80 (220V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 220x535x655
Weight, kg 80