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Set of accessories for testing shoe elements

The kit includes eight accessories for testing shoe elements.

Sample preparation and testing are carried out in accordance with the requirements of GOST.

Attachments used as part of a tensile testing machine  IR 5074-3. It is possible to use other types of tensile testing machines with test loads of more than 3 kN and an active gripping stroke of at least 200 mm and having the same mounting dimensions for securing grippers or using special adapters.

The composition of the set of devices is determined by the consumer.

An adapter is supplied as part of the kit, including the PO-1KP, PO-4PV, PO-5G, PO-6NKN, PO-7SVK devices. The adapter is installed on the machine with one of the grips of the devices.

Fixture designation Standard for test method. Appointment of the device Overall dimensions, mm (length x width x height) Weight, kg
PO-1KP GOST 9134. Strength of soles of nail, screw, wood-pin, tailoring fasteners 140x45x550 3,0
PO-2RS GOST 9134. Strength of fastening of a welt and insole 110x90x220 3,5
PO-ZPR GOST 9143. Strength of fastening of the sole and welt in shoes of weld fastening, soles and blanks in shoes of doppel and sandal mounts 110x50x300 3,5
PO-4PV GOST 91 34. Strength of nail-board mounting of the sole 160x50x180 2,4
PO-5G GOST 9718. Shoe flexibility 210x190x520 6,7
PO-6NKN GOST 9136. Strength of adhesive and nail fastening of low heels and heels 370x110х450 6,0
PO-7SVK GOST 9136. Strength of fastening medium and high heels of the upper grip: 200х50х450 6,0
bottom grip: 240x140x200
PO-8HK GOST 9292. Strength of fastening soles in shoes of chemical methods of fastening top grip: 115x90x500 4,5
bottom grip: 350x60x180