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TRS 5009-01

Super Rockwell Hardness Tester

The device is designed to measure the hardness of metals and alloys according to the Super Rockwell method (GOST 22975).

The device allows you to measure the hardness of parts and samples of metals and structural plastics.
Change of loads is done by turning the handle.
Load drive — electromechanical.
The exposure time of the product under load is adjustable from 1 to 99 seconds.
The device is a reference analog (watch type indicator) with a division price of 0.5 HR.
The test site is illuminated.

The functionality of the device can be expanded through the use of various indenters and devices, supplied by special order.

Range of measurements of hardness on the main scales of Super Rockwell
HRN 15 70…94
HRN 30 40…86
HRN 45 20…78
HRT 15 62…93
HRT 30 15…82
HRT 45 10…72
Test loads, N
preliminary 29,42
common 147,1; 294,2; 441,3
The distance from the indenter to the working surface of the table is adjustable, mm from 0 to 200
diamond tip NK
ball Ø1,588 mm
The distance from the axis of the indenter to the wall of the device, mm 150
Maximum power, W (power) 60 (220V, 50Hz)
Weight, kg 85