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ZKU Captures maple universal

Captures are designed to secure and hold specimens during tensile tests.

Types of samples: flat, cylindrical.

Materials for tests: metals (hardness not exceeding 30 HRC) and other materials within the technical capabilities of the grippers.

Captures are completed with replaceable sponges for fixing flat and cylindrical samples.

The gripper designs are protected by invention patents No. 2111474, No. 2116643

Capture models
ZKU-50KT ZKU-100M ZKU-200M ZKU-500KT
Maximum test load, kN 50 100 200 500
Flat samples, type 1 and 2, GOST 1497
        initial thickness of the sample, mm 1-10 3-10 3-15 3-13 и 13-23
        maximum width of clamping jaws, mm 35 45 50 65
Round samples, type 6 and 7, GOST 1497
        initial diameters of the samples, do, mm 5-10 5-10 8-15 6-20
       maximum diameter of the sample head, D, mm 15 16 20 от 12 до 30
Overall dimensions: diameter (with handles) x height, mm 335х165 310х190 360х250 420х285
Mass of a set of captures, kg 30 35 50 150