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IO 5138-0,05 Pendulum driver

The coper is designed to determine the impact strength of plastics during double-sided impact bending according to Charpy in accordance with GOST 4647 and in the case of cantilever bending according to the Izoda method in accordance with GOST 19109.
Test samples - according to GOST 4647 and GOST 19109.

Execution - desktop.
Coper is equipped with an analogue scale graduated in Joules. The pendulum is lifted and reset manually. The coper is equipped with interchangeable supports for installing samples and templates for centering.
Completeness of the main supply: Charpy pendulums at 50 and 15 J.
The completeness of the additional delivery of copra by type of test and by a set of standard sizes of pendulums is determined by the customer.

The speed of the pendulum at the time of impact:
     when tested according to Charpy, m/s3,80±0,05
     when tested according to Izod, m/s3,50±0,35
The potential energy reserves of interchangeable pendulumsPendulum serial number
for testing by Charpy, J.50,025,015,07,5
for Izod tests, J.25,015,07,5
The distance in the light between the supports during the Charpy test, mm40, 60, 70
The distance in the light between the clamp and the axis of the knife of the pendulum during the Izod test, mm22±0,2
Overall dimensions of a copra, mm260x440x770
Copra mass at full completeness (no more), kg160


Examples of copra symbol when placing an order:
with basic completeness:IO 5138-0,05
with additional completeness with a full set of pendulums: IO 5138-0,05 / SH 1,2,3,4
Charpy - pendulums at 50.0; 25.0; 15.0 and 7.5 J.
IO 5138-0,05 / I 2,3,4
Izod - pendulums at 25.0; 15.0 and 7.5 J.
(1, 2, 3, 4 — pendulum serial numbers)

The price depends on the completeness.