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IT 5010, IT 5010-01M

Vickers and Brinell hardness testers

The devices are designed to measure the hardness of metals and alloys according to the methods of Vickers and Brinell.

Device IT 5010 — without electronic counting system. DeviceIT 5010-01M — with electronic counting system.

Electronic counting system allows you to produce:
- sorting of products into hardness groups: LESS, NORMAL, MORE;
- mathematical processing of measurement results;
- finding the largest and smallest values ​​in a series;
- determination of the average value in a series;
- determination of the range of readings.

The digital display serves for reading the measurement results and visual observation of the input of the necessary data. The device has a computer output and print.

Type Approval Certificate SI ROSSTANDARD OF RUSSIA No. 44530.

Hardness measurement ranges
according to the Vickers method, HV 8...2000
according to the Brinell method, HB 5,6...450
Test loads, N (kgf) 49,03; 98,07; 153,2; 196,1; 245,2; 294,2; 490,3; 612,9; 980,7; 1226; 1839; 2452   (5; 10; 15,6; 20; 25; 30; 50; 62,5; 100; 125; 187,5; 250)
Limits of permissible error of the test loads of the device, % ±1
The exposure time of the samples under load, s 1...180
optical system 120 X
the microscope 25 X; 50 X
Graduation, mm
embedded optical measuring device 0,1
nonius 0,01
micrometer screw 0,001
portable microscope 0,02 and 0,04
Maximum height of working space without protective glasses, mm 150
The distance from the axis of the test tip to the body, mm 150
The number of digits of the digital panel of the IT 5010-01M device 4
Maximum power, W (power)
IT 5010 60 (220V, 50 Hz)
IT 5010-01М 90 (220V, 50 Hz)
Overall dimensions, mm 635x335x810
Weight, kg
IT 5010 140
IT 5010-01М 138