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IR 5061-0.05 tensile testing machine at 0.05kN

The tensile testing machine ИР 5061-0,05 is designed to determine the breaking load and tensile elongation when testing textile threads in accordance with GOST 6611.2.

Machine drive — electromechanical. Force meter — pendulum, four-band. It is mounted on vibration mounts; a foundation is not required.

Machine equipment with:
- flat jaw grippers,
- bundle filament tester,
- suspension for checking the machine for loads.

The greatest ultimate load, kN 0,05
Range of measurement of deformation (measuring the distance between the grippers), mm from 0 to 300
Limits of permissible error of the strain gauge, mm ±1
Range of the task of speeds of movement of mobile capture, mm / min. from 80 to 800
Deviation of the movement speed of the active capture from the set value, %, no more than ±5
Distance between captures, initial, mm from 0 to 500 (interval 50)
Working stroke of rolling grip, mm 350
Preliminary tension of a thread (weights), mN 10±1, 20±2, 50±5, 100±10, 150±15, 200±20, 250±25, 300±30, 400±40, 500±50, 800±80, 1000±100
Maximum power, kW (power) 0,2 (220V, 50 Hz)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 500х800х1995
Weight, kg 110
Range characteristics Ranges of measurement of load, N
I: 0-5 II: 0-10 III: 0-30 IV: 0-50
The step of dividing the scale of the load meter, N 0,02 0,05 0,10 0,20
Limits of the permissible error of the power meter with a forward stroke
(in the load range, N)
±1% (1-5)
±0,01N (less than 1)
±1% (2-10)
±0,025N (less than 2)
±1% (6-30)
±0,05N (less than 6)
±1% (10-50)
±0,1N (less than 10)