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IH 5127

Coiling wire testing machine

The machine is intended for testing the wire for winding in accordance with GOST 10447.

The machine is equipped with quick-change interchangeable mandrels, automatically fixed in a certain position when installed on the machine and with support sleeves, which allow winding wire both on mandrels of various diameters and on its own diameter.

Using a special device mounted in the machine, from a workpiece of measured length wire, a test specimen is prepared, which makes it possible to save the wire during testing.

The test sample is used in two types:

  • for winding onto a removable mandrel with a special hook, which can (at the request of the operator) be manufactured both mechanically using the special device mentioned above, and manually using replaceable bushings mounted on the machine;
  • for winding on its own diameter with rotation of the wire sample itself.

The wire winding cycle is automatic. Manually, only auxiliary methods for installing a sample of wire for testing and removing the tested wire after winding are made.

The machine is made in the desktop version, mounted on small vibration mounts and does not require additional mounting.

Diameter range of test wire, mm from 2.5 to 6
The frequency of rotation of the mandrel during winding, no more, s-1 0,5
The number of winding turns of the test wire from 5 to 10
Maximum power, kW (power) 0,3 (3N, 380V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions, no more than, mm
     length 750
     width 450
     height 500
The mass of the machine, no more than, kg 85