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2143 TRS-M

Super Rockwell Hardness Tester

The 2143 TRS-M device in accordance with GOST 23677 is intended for measuring the hardness of metals and alloys according to the Super Rockwell method in laboratory conditions.

The device allows you to measure hardness in accordance with GOST 22975.

The device belongs to the group of hardness testers that have a manual supply of the product to the tip, electronic measurement of the indenter penetration depth with digital indication of the measurement result, automatic zeroing of the reading device, exposure of the product under load, set limits of hardness tolerance, visual breakdown of products into three groups: hardness LESS-NORMAL-MORE, mathematical processing of measurement results from a series: finding the average, largest, smallest value and variation of readings.

Test loads, N (kgf):
preliminary 29,42 (3)
common 147,1 (15); 294,2 (30); 441,3 (45)
Limits of permissible error of test loads, %
preliminary ± 2
common ± 0,66
Limits of the permissible error of the device when checking it with exemplary hardness measures MTSR-1 of the 2nd category, unit of hardness
   on a scale of N
(hardness measure 92±2 HRN 15) ±1,0
(hardness measure 80±4 HRN 30) ±1,0
(hardness measure 45±5 HRN 30) ±2,0
(hardness measure 49±6 HRN 45) ±2,0
   on a scale of T
(hardness measure 76±6 HRT 30) ±2,0
(hardness measure 50±5 HRT 30) ±3,0
The distance from the top of the test tip to the working surface of the table mounted on a lifting screw (without protective covers), mm from 0 to 190
The distance from the axis of the test tip to the wall of the case, limiting the size of the test product, mm, not less 150
Maximum power, W (power) 80 (220V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions, mm 535х220х655
Weight, kg 80