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PR-500-P Device for distribution of pipes

The device is intended for testing for distribution with the highest ultimate load of 500 kN of seamless and welded circular pipes with a wall thickness of up to 9.0 mm and an inner pipe diameter of not more than 1500 mm in accordance with the requirements of GOST 86-75.

The device must be used in conjunction with the flattening device PR-500-SP as part of a tensile testing machine IR 5145-50.

The device consists of four interchangeable cone mandrels of various diameters installed at the end of the sample. Interchangeable mandrels are selected depending on the size of the inner diameter of the sample.

A specimen with a mandrel is mounted on the lower support of the flattening test device PR-500-SP.

The test is conducted in compression mode.

Type of test distribution of the end of the sample with a mandrel with a given taper angle until a specified outer diameter is obtained at the end of the sample
The number of mandrels in the device 4
Mandrel taper angle (30±1)°
Hardness of a working surface not less than HRC50
Overall dimensions of mandrels no more than, mm
mandrel 1 (diameter x height)
mandrel 2 (diameter x height)
mandrel 3 (diameter x height)
mandrel 4 (diameter x height)
Mass of mandrels no more than, kg
mandrel 1
mandrel 2
mandrel 3
mandrel 4