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IM 5039M

The device for determination for determination of frost resistance of rubbers

The device is designed to determine the frost resistance of rubbers by elastic recovery after compression in accordance with the method described in GOST 13808.

The device provides testing of one or three samples with averaging of test results, automatic control of the set temperature, the possibility of testing when cooling the liquid medium with solid carbon dioxide without automatic temperature control.

Range of measurement of height of samples, mm from 7.5 to 10.5
Graduation scale of the sample height meter, mm 0,01
Limits of permissible error of the sample height meter, mm ±0,04
The force created by the meter of height of samples, no more, N
     when testing one sample 0,98
     while testing three samples 2,94
Range of test ambient temperatures in the cryochamber, °С from -70 to 0
Limits of permissible error in controlling the steady-state temperature of the medium in a cryochamber, °С ±1
Maximum power, kW (power) 0,15 (220V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions, no more, mm (length x width x height)
     test facility 380x300x750
     remote control 500x160x256
     cooling systems (diameter x height) 450х780
Weight, no more than, kg
     test facility 53
     remote control 5
     cooling systems (without nitrogen) 16