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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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Since June 2016 our factory has extended a warranty period for its products
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IR 5145-500 500kN tensile testing machine

A tensile testing machine for universal use with an electronic force meter for testing samples of materials and products (pipes, etc.) for tensile, compression and bending at 500 kN.

Installed on the foundation.

Completeness of the main delivery:
- test facility (equipped with clearance-free ball screw drives);
- instrument rack;
- operator panel (microprocessor) PO-3;
- captures ZRG-500-1 (for type IV samples,
GOST 1497);
- strain gauge force meter
(for model IR 5145-500-10);
- software and hardware complex, including a computer, printer, special software
(for model IR 5145-500-11).

Additional delivery:
- universal wedge grips ЗКУ-500КТ;
- test bending fixtures PR-500-I, compression PR-500-C and flattening PR-500-SP;
- strain gauge IDN-0.5/50;
- temperature test system with a temperature range of 300 to 1000°C.

The following characteristics of the mechanical properties of materials according to GOST 1497 and GOST 10006 are determined:
- temporary resistance;
- temporary elongation;
- temporary narrowing;
- true tear resistance.

The machine model IR 5145-500-11 allows additional software methods to determine: conditional yield strength (sigma 0.2), physical; and the elastic modulus and proportionality limit – with IDN-0.5 / 50. Machines issue a test report.

Type Approval Certificate SI ROSSTANDARD OF RUSSIA No. 44539.

The greatest ultimate load, kN
Limits of permissible error of load measurement, % (in the load range, kN)
±1 (from 20 to 500)
The speed of movement of the active capture, mm / min
from 0.5 to 200
Nominal price of the unit of the least discharge: when indicating the load, N
when measuring the movement of the active capture, mm
Moving traverse stroke without grips, mm
Width of working space, mm
Maximum power, kW (power)
5,3 (3N, 380V, 50 Hz)
Overall dimensions (width x length x height), mm
test device
1340 x 1175 x 2710
instrument rack
1500 x 750 x 895
Weight, kg
test device
instrument rack