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Testing Instruments Factory, LLC modernizes and repairs testing equipment previously released from production
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IA 5073-100

Sheet metal extrusion testing machine

The machine is designed to test the metal extrusion of a spherical hole in accordance with GOST 10510.

The drive of the machine is electro-hydraulic.
Type of load cell - manometric.
Well depth measurement - digital and analog.
Test Cycle - Automatic, ending - according to the criterion for the appearance of a crack.
Manual shutdown of the machine is also possible.
The main supply - tool No. 1 (∅20
GOST 10510).
The machine is mounted on vibration mounts; a special foundation is not required.

Extrusion force measuring range
№1 / №2 / №3 / №4, kN
(3...6) / (6...15) / (15...45) / (45...100)
Range of measurement of pressure of a sample, kN from 10 to 20
Limits of permissible error of extrusion and pressure force meters, % ±5
Range of measurement of movement of a punch, mm from 0 to 20
Limits of the permissible error value of the punch displacement meter, mm ±0,1
Punch travel speed (start/end), mm/min (20±4) / (5±1)
Deviation of the axis of the punch relative to the axis of the matrix in the measuring range of the movement of the punch, mm, no more than 0,1
Maximum power, kW 1,6 (3N, 380V; 50Hz)
Overall dimensions, mm 660х720х1600
Weight, kg 350