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2124 TML

The device is designed to determine the hardness of coatings.

Principle of operation:

Based on the specified characteristics of the paintwork, the appropriate type of pendulum is selected and mounted on arresters. A test plate made of polished glass is mounted on the test table. The pendulum is deflected by a certain angle and fixed in this position, then released and makes free damped oscillations on the surface of the control plate.

From the moment the pendulum starts, the reading device starts to work, which turns off and fixes the measured value when the free oscillations decay to certain limits.

" glass number " — the decay time of the oscillations of the pendulum on the control glass plate. The control plate is replaced by the test sample, the tests of which are similar. The hardness of the coating of the sample is determined by comparing the decay time of the oscillations of the pendulum on the sample with a " glass number ".

Certificate on type approval of measuring instruments of ROSSTANDARD of RUSSIA No. 44543.

Type of pendulum A
(by Koenig)
(by Persoz)
Range of measurements of the number of oscillations of the pendulum from 0 to 999
Mass of the pendulum, g 200,0 ± 0,2 500,0 ± 0,1
The average period of oscillation of the pendulum, s 1,40 ± 0,02 1,000 ± 0,001
Diameter of support balls, mm 5,000 ± 0,005 8,000 ± 0,005
The distance between the centers of the support balls, mm 30 ± 0,2 50 ± 1
The distance from the support plane to the end of the arrow, mm 400,0 ± 0,2 400,0 ± 0,2
The distance from the support plane to the center of gravity, mm 60 ± 1
The time to reduce the amplitude of the oscillations on the control glass plate when changing the deflection angles, s
from 6° to 3°
250 ± 10
from 12° to 4°
no less than 420
Maximum power, W (power) 50 (220V, 50Hz)
Overall dimensions (length x width x height), mm 295x320x720
Weight, kg 13